Hi, I'm Greg

I am a UX designer with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Philosophy, and Creative writing. Throughout my life and career I have been striving to better understand human behavior, motivation, expression, and how we relate to one another. With a natural acumen for process and quality improvement, I’m looking to leverage my people-centric, customer-facing experience to contribute to the success of an organization’s UX team.

From the moment I first learned the word, I've never stopped asking "why," and coming up with ways to make things better. My natural curiosity and “how might we improve” mindset has led me to meetings with school administrators, building managers, to help open and improve the second Times Square location of one of America’s busiest restaurants, and most recently to help Springboard make its student community a more welcoming and engaging place.

From my studies in UX Design, Psychology, Philosophy, and Writing, to my artistic endeavors with photography and poetry — I am always exploring the human experience, how to celebrate it, and how to make it better.

When I’m not practicing my design skills, you can find me writing Haiku on one of my typewriters, perfecting my pour-over technique, playing video games, wandering museums, shooting street photography, or exploring the wealth of things New York has to offer.

Mentoring &
Community Organizing

Building community has always been something I strive to do, recently I stepped into a role at Springboard's pilot Community Advocates program. This has been extremely rewarding for me and has given me the opportunity to run a wide variety of weekly workshops and networking events. The best part has been watching everyone learn and grow collaboratively at events that I'm facilitating.


The needs of each project are different and the process followed should reflect that. I primarily use the design thinking process as a blueprint and modify when needed. My priority is to do the right thing for the scope and needs of a project. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and jump into research, conduct interviews and testing, or throw a ton of sticky notes on a wall — iterating over and over as a project evolves.

I think one of the most exciting parts of the design process is when a new piece of information appears and the whole project needs to pivot. Staying reflexive, light on my feet, optimistic, and being able to overcome new challenges as they arise is my favorite part of design.

Hobbies & Interests


Typewriter's & Haiku

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